sluts everywere

im catt,
a wise man once said that shooting stars were really angels throwing out there cigarettes before god could catch them.



I love the DIY ethics of punk. You wanna be in a band but have no musical ability? You wanna put on shows but have no money? Wanna make a zine but you have no writing ability? Wanna draw but you can’t draw? Go do it, do what you want to do, the scene is full of people who don’t meet societies standards, we don’t need to be up to societies standards. Doing things is good, so do things! People that do things inspire other people to do things!


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You are slowly
killing yourself
in ways that go

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this has become me .

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I kinda feel like I look okay right now :)

Lack of sleep amplifies the brain’s anticipatory reactions, raising overall anxiety levels.

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